Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do you prospect on the phone?

Phone Phobia! Do you have a fear of the phone when cold calling or even warm calling somebody who has responded to your web site or advertising. There is no magic bullet to fix this just have to dive in and get through it. However there are techniques and advise that might make it a little less stressful. Here is what I do to over come this issue.

#1 Don't make it personal...You've never talked to this person before and if they blow you off you probably will never talk to them again. Next..move on!!

#2 Once you get started don't stop until you hit your goal or finish your list. Don't take a potty break every 5 minutes! Statistics prove that if you just keep calling your nerves will settle down and you will feel more comfortable as you go. (Takes me talking to about 3 people before I get into the groove)

#3 Be prepared ...Block off time to do your calls and minimize distractions as much as possible. Keep good notes and just be open minded to anything your lead may throw at you. Know what your goal of each call is...Setting an appointment, selling a product or service call?

#4 When setting appointments make sure to confirm there info before hanging up. Real easy to get excited you made an appointment or sale and then forget to ask...Can you confirm your address for me!

#5 Be honest with your self. Building up false confidence can hurt you later when you realize you did a lot of work with no sales attached. Is it a solid appointment where you will make a presentation or are you just dropping off info for a shot at them again later?

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