Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordpress or SBI?

1) WordPress Or SBI!
What This New Landing Page Means For You!

The new "WordPress Or SBI!" landing page is an important one...

It draws a clear distinction between blogs and what blogs are NOT. Blogs don't build businesses. SBI! does.

WordPress is an ideal platform for blogs. In most cases, it's a quick setup. It manages chronological content and organizes it for display on a Web page.

But, where's the rest?

o Keyword research to find your perfect niche (Brainstorm It!.)

o Getting your on-page criteria right (Analyze It!.)

o Building optimized internal linking AND a built-in method of securing external links.

o Traffic building.

o PREselling through your own e-zine.

o Monetization!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you want to build an online business that generates traffic and income, WordPress is a dead end for most.

To make the most of the new landing page, THIS is how you should PREsell...

As we've said, WordPress doesn't build e-businesses. Start your PREselling by explaining exactly where WordPress falls short.

Check out the new landing page...

Here's a straight side-by-side comparison (19 separate points!) of SBI! and WordPress. Copy/paste any one or all of these to illustrate the "WordPress Gap."

And just below it is another valuable table...

Here we dispel the myth of "free is better" when it comes to free software. Again, use any of these to shed light on some WordPress "urban myths." ;-)