Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do you prospect on the phone?

Phone Phobia! Do you have a fear of the phone when cold calling or even warm calling somebody who has responded to your web site or advertising. There is no magic bullet to fix this just have to dive in and get through it. However there are techniques and advise that might make it a little less stressful. Here is what I do to over come this issue.

#1 Don't make it personal...You've never talked to this person before and if they blow you off you probably will never talk to them again. Next..move on!!

#2 Once you get started don't stop until you hit your goal or finish your list. Don't take a potty break every 5 minutes! Statistics prove that if you just keep calling your nerves will settle down and you will feel more comfortable as you go. (Takes me talking to about 3 people before I get into the groove)

#3 Be prepared ...Block off time to do your calls and minimize distractions as much as possible. Keep good notes and just be open minded to anything your lead may throw at you. Know what your goal of each call is...Setting an appointment, selling a product or service call?

#4 When setting appointments make sure to confirm there info before hanging up. Real easy to get excited you made an appointment or sale and then forget to ask...Can you confirm your address for me!

#5 Be honest with your self. Building up false confidence can hurt you later when you realize you did a lot of work with no sales attached. Is it a solid appointment where you will make a presentation or are you just dropping off info for a shot at them again later?

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Monday, May 17, 2010

How to meet a new customer?

Saw a great example of how to meet and greet a new customer yesterday. Local restaurant for this example. I have visited two stores recently of this particular food chain and I have noticed that they have really stepped up the front line customer service. How many times have you walked into your local store weather it be fast food, grocery or retail and been greeted with the straight faced "Hello, How can I help you" I'm bored out of my mind but I have to do this attitude? Probably several times a week right?

Ian was our greeter/register man yesterday and he was on the ball. Who ever is doing the training is doing a great job getting these kids to pay attention to how they communicate with the customer who are just there to order a # 4 combo meal. You could tell Ian was very knowledgeable and liked his job. For the first time in a long time I actually saw a counter / register person selling the product..not just taking the order! He was engaged with the customers and not just repeating his script. Yes some of it was scripted as it's a system and you have to stay in the system however he overcame the dull boring "Do you want curly fries with that?" question by being courteous and helpful with information about the items being ordered. Normally a name on a name tag I hardly notice..but because of Ian's great customer service I will remember his name the next time we visit his store.

Great job and a lesson we can all take to heart...First Step in the sales process is to meet and greet weather your doing that over the phone, face to face or even through the use of a web site. What's your prospects first impression?

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Stay Focused!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Video...Been saying this for a long time!

Tony Rush Face Book Video - Hit this link for a great message from fellow marketer Tony Rush.

"This makes me mad. Because it's the one area of network marketing that most people today get stuck on....and it's completely avoidable. It answers the question: "How on earth can you work your business 20 hours a week and have nothing to show for it?" The answer may not be what you think! I hope it assists you"

I might add to these thoughts that what Tony describes here is the real work of owning a business. Many of us including myself get easily distracted to the technology side of our business when there really is opportunity all around us daily. Problem is we tend to be procrastinators out of "fear" The three steps described here is where the rubber meets the road and we have to deal directly with an audience or prospect. Learn these basic steps (simple sales skills) and you will be well on your way to a successful business.

Stay Focused!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making a $100,00 from your business?

Posted this before a few months ago and as I am a stickler for goal setting and keeping things basic I thought you all might enjoy again. (Plus there may be newer members who have not thought about this from this angle.)

How to make $100,00.00 a year:

$100,000.00 divided by 12 months = $8,333 p/month!
$8,333.00 divided by 20 work days in a month = $416.65 p/day!
$416.65 divided by an 8 hour day = $52.08 p/hour!

So when you break it down all you really have to do is rev up your business to produce $52.00 an hour 8 hours a day.

But Jeff, my business is fully automated online...I can make money while I'm sleeping! GREAT!!

So if you factor in $416.65 divided by 24 hours that's only $17.36 an hour for YOU to make $100,000.00 a year! Now that's exciting!!

So why aren't more people doing it???


We can work on those...Let's hear your thoughts!

Stay Focused!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Whole new direction...Selling Peace of Mind.

Pre-planning your Funeral...Think it's a good idea or feeling a little un-easy about it? In reality it has become a popular and responsible part of long term planning for a growing number of people.

I soon will be a part of this growing service as I have moved my personal goals of working in the Insurance industry to - From here I will be able to continue using my license and provide many other opportunities for my clients. I will be working from my home town office at in Logansport, In plus helping out over at Rest Haven Memorial Park in Lafayette, In.

After working with mostly the senior population the past few months I see more than ever a need for responsible long term planning. Something as important as funeral arrangements is not what you want your children or family members to have deal with. You personally may not care about a fancy funeral because "you are not going to be there" but in most cases your family does want to give you the final respect and memorial you should have. The emotional side of a family member passing is stressful enough but when you add in the financial responsibilities it can quickly become overwhelming and I urge everybody to consider this with your long term plans at any age...It's not just for Grandpa and Grandma's peace of mind. It's for yours as well.

Much more to come...Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big decisions...

Getting ready for yet another change in service and product. Exciting opportunity that I have always had an interest in. My current "position" in the insurance industry has lead me to this decision and I hoping I have more freedom to use my association with to really capture the potential.

More later....