Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is old school prospecting still cool?

Many people have jumped on the band wagon of Social Marketing and Internet Marketing and with good reason. When done correctly folks it works! But, what about Old School Prospecting? Is there still a place for it in today's high tech world?

I would have to argue there is as I have to use it daily. Let's look at some ideas here you can add to your daily routine when you occasionally pull yourself away from the monitor.

1) Phone calls - Develope a list and call it.
2) Referrals...Are you asking for them with every client?
3) Mailing's...Not e-mail campaigns - Snail Mail with a hand written message!
4) The goods Ole 3 foot rule...Don't stalk them just talk to them.
5) Give away jars...Place in areas that attract your niche prospects
6) Fair or carnival booths...It's about that time of year!
7) Mini Seminars...Set them up with local organizations like the Senior Citizen Group

For more thought's on these "Old " but still effective prospecting tools go to Prospecting 4 Wealth or hit me up for my FREE Monthly News Letter all located on the side bar of this Blog.


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