Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Understanding Marketing...

I've let my BLOG time and email marketing go the past couple weeks. Time spent with family, time spent on home projects and just letting the Holiday Rush do it's thing. Had a few thoughts here or there for various topics but nothing really that has not been said before ether here or on other networks, BLOGS and Forums. So today's post is just a basic bit of information but something I hope we can use going forward into the new year.

Understanding Marketing:
By Definition - –noun
1. the act of buying or selling in a market.
2. the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

A recent email that I did get sent out over the Holidays talked about the understanding of Network Marketing and what it takes to succeed in that industry. A common blunder I see with so many companies is the fact they are trying to take out the "Marketing" part of the equation and just rely on the "Networking" to provide the revenue.

Hours and hour and hours of comments and arguments have been made in favor and against the whole industry from blog posts to forums to conference calls, video's and pod casts...however I am holding firm to my belief that you have to learn how to "Sell" to make any real money with MLM, Network Marketing, Referral Based Marketing, Direct Selling, Affiliate Marketing or what ever you choose to call it.

Here is my contribution to the industry's little secret. Many marketers try to "sell" you on all the guru, black belt, ninja, Renegade, Blah, Blah , techniques that you can end up blowing your budget on before you get too any real information. They are just hyping up basic sales techniques and dancing around the point to make you feel like your doing something besides...Selling. WHY? Because we have been told over and over and over again that nobody wants to be sold! BAH HUM BUG!!

Look at the definition...For a business to work that definition has to happen and you can cheapen the process all you want with words that make you fell warm and fuzzy but the core definition is still there. Goods and products must move from Producer to Customer and that has to happen through a "sales" process.

This is my opinion so take it or leave it but the logical "hidden secret" that so many seem to keep searching for by jumping from opportunity to opportunity seems to be this. Learn how to sell and then it wont matter what company your with. As long as they have a real product that will provide a real solution to real needs you can sell it and make money!!

Once you learn a basic sales system and develop some solid success habits with in that system the Relationship marketing will come naturally! You will build a bigger organization...your sales volume will grow expediently and NO you wont run out of people to talk too!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! ...and Happy Selling in 2010!


  1. Jeff:

    Good points. Yes, it doesn't matter what you call a sale or a customer or your approach to either, you still have to make that actual exchange of money for a product or service. That's the bottom line in any business - to make a profit. The only way that can happen is for sales to happen.

    I do agree that most of us don't want to be "sold" but I think a lot of these people shouting this all over the internet are using it in the wrong context. No, I don't want anyone pushing their product on me in an obnoxious manner when it may be something I don't even want, but if you don't tell me (sales pitch) what you have (product) how will I ever know I can purchase it (exchange that money, make that sale)?

    Keep up the good work, Jeff.


  2. Great break down on the "getting sold" ideas there Diane! I guess I do need to expend on that thought with the fact that NO we do not want to pushed into something we don't need. However most want to get information so they can make a good buying decision. Our job as a sales person is to supply that information...Therefore people do want to know why they should buy that product or service. People are asking for information every day...give it to them in a vlaue packed message and they will buy it, use it and pass it on to others plus come back for more!

    Thank you for your comments Diane!