Friday, January 8, 2010

Developing the business owner mindset...

Here is a challenge many people working ON-Line or in a MLM / Direct Sales opportunity do not even realize they may be facing when they first get started. Do you really have the mind set of a business owner?

The common call to action for most opportunities is to "Join" the business. I think this vocabulary may have started because to many people would shy away from starting there own business. Starting a business requires commitment and money! However if you are asked to join a business well that's not much different than being asked to join the local club or gym. Benefit's of joining a business include some social networking with opportunities to make and save some money!

Once a part of an opportunity the vocabulary changes a little bit and you may be told..Do this to grow YOUR Business. From there it builds as a since of pride and sometimes ego to own your own business. However, In reality you don't own the business you are an independent representative for that business.

So now what is your identity? Are you just an independent sales associate for this company and if that's true that's fine. In other words is it more just like a part time or even full time job? Or, are you XYZ Company who partners with or is an affiliate of ABC Opportunity?

We are clearly seeing in the MLM / Direct Sales arena people who change there business mindset to being business owners - JOHN SMITH INC and building a real business plan for them selves that when they then use there opportunity as the true vehicle to do business the failure % drops way off.

Yes, there may be as much as a 95% failure rate in the industry but I have to believe it is directly related to the mind set of did you JOIN a Business or Start a business? It's easy to quit if you joined. How may times have you quit a club or gym? However once you make YOU your business it a lot harder to quit yourself!

Want to learn more about developing a business mindset or building your own personal business plan? Stop by the following link on your way out and get in touch for more details! YOU CAN BUILD IT!

Happy Selling!

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