Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is a perfect 10?

This is a system I have picked up on the past few months that makes complete since and YES it works!

4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = the perfect 10!

So many people make prospecting a complicated process which I feel is the number one reason they quit or give up on building a large business online and off.
Here is a quick formula that can fit into any business system but...You must be diligent with it!

4- Four hours of prospecting every day!
3 - Make three appointments with live bodies everyday!
2 - Present your information twice a day!
1 - Makes one sale a day

"One sale? Are you kidding me? I need to make several sales a day or week!" GREAT - How many days go by that you don't make at least one sale or sponsor one person? One sale or sign up is always better than the next step down! Does that make since?

Now here is the best part! There is no complicated discussion needed for the mechanics of this system
...Just be honest with yourself.

4) Did you really set aside prospecting time each day this past week? Did you talk to, on the phone or face to face, a real person? (Online counts if it is real time back and forth question and answers...not just spam information hoping they read it and go to sales site.)

3) Did you (depending on your business) set three appointments or get 3 commitments a day that they would go to your conference call, webinar, capture page every day?

2) Did you present your information to at least two interested live bodies each day? (When there is nobody to tell our story too there are no sales recorded.)

1) Did that on average represent one sale or sign up to your business!

Four easy steps to more sales but nothing happens unless you do what? That's right! Take Action!

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