Sunday, February 14, 2010

Change for the new year....

Thanks to some mentoring from friend and fellow Networker Chuck Bartok among others I came back across a fork in the road that I have wanted to explore for a few years now. The timing previously hasn't been right due to various reasons but this just felt right. My life experiences and business experience have matured to a point of taking action and so I did.

I am still working in a true and maybe even the original version and Network Marketing but with a professional and service minded structure that I have not been a part of in the past. I am very excited to say the least that I have been blessed with this opportunity and thank God first and for most for guiding me to this path.

My online activities will change some due to agreements with my parent company but my desire to teach basic sales skills and principles will still be available to any that ask.

For anybody coming across this post wanting to work on there "Sales Skills" or learn more about building a business online and off please continue to get in touch through the following sites.

You Can Build It!

For any Indiana Readers with questions regarding your Insurance needs I can be contacted @

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