Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is Duplication?

Duplication - This was one of the key features that got my attention when I saw an MLM plan the very first time several years ago... It made since. Follow a proven, simple system and then duplicate it over and over again.

My Question today is this...are we still duplicatable? I personally feel many programs are not. There have been so many new programs or re-invented pay plans come into the direct sales industry over the past 15 years people are more confused now than ever. What are you to believe?

Affiliate marketing - I believe in it because it's very cool but also very time consuming. Your not gonna make big money fast. It will trickle in and over time the dollars will increase but, you have to be very diligent in staying up with all the latest gadgets and apps available for online marketing. I follow a couple marketers regularly and at least weekly they are promoting another new web site for more traffic or more opportunities for branding yourself. Now don't get me wrong...both are very important but, on a limited time schedule due to a full time job and family obligations how is a newbie or even somebody who has been around for awhile supposed to keep up?

Apparently the answer is to invest more money into the upgraded features of all these "tools" and the sites and apps will do more work for you than what you can do on the FREE versions? I'm OK with that to a point. You have to invest in yourself and your business if your going to truly be in business! However, don't nickle and dime me to death!

You want to know how to keep a down line growing? Do you really want to see your business explode??? Can you handle it if it does? OK, here is the secret that you may or may not be getting from your "Up Line" mentor / guru....Work in a simple system that produces a profit quickly and then DUPLICATE it over and over again. Don't let yourself get pulled in twenty different directions with the latest and greatest online or even off line new gadget or tool!

When you can get your "down line" into a a quick profit (NOT FILTHY RICH!!) but a legit quick profit they will stay excited and that energy will continue to flow to other new associates!

WOW!! Is it really that simple.....YES, It is! Stay tuned as I'm going to be talking a lot more about this subject in the near future.

Let's go make some money!

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