Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to protect your friends on FACE BOOK so others can't pitch them!

Just in a FB chat with fellow marketer Diane Walker also known as the MLM Blonde with SOC Cards.

Diane was telling me about a few of the FB Spammers out there that can spam your friends on FB because you have your list open to the public. If you have your list set so it's open to the public then there is a good chance they can use it telling your friends they were referred by you!

Here is how to close it off if you don't know this already...

1) Go to your profile page
2) Click - the little pencil by your Friends List
3) Click - Change visibility settings
4) Find - See my friends list
5) look over to the right and click on the drop down box
6) Choose - ONLY ME!

You are done!

Forward , Twitter and Re-post it again on FB so others can do the same!!

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